Why does the digitalization of HR processes significantly contribute to reducing the talent shortage?

A dynamic business environment requires organizations to understand the importance of effective human resources management.

Why does the digitalization of HR processes significantly contribute to reducing the talent shortage?

This is one of the most crucial functions in a company, and HR processes and staffing are the heart of every company.

Employees are the ones who perform various tasks, including managing service processes and product manufacturing, ensuring quality and innovation, and providing sales and technical support to end customers.

All these tasks employees perform directly affect the stability of business operations and the company's growth. The personnel shortage is a critical barrier to a company's growth and development. Hence, searching for innovative solutions to this issue has become a priority in many places. In this context, digitalizing HR processes emerges as an extremely promising strategy.

The digital tools used to overcome HR challenges also include electronic signing . This is more than just a current trend. The global market for e-signing is expected to grow by a surprising 4,500% by 2029.

This represents a significant breakthrough in the way organizations manage their operations. E-signature technology optimizes HR processes and indirectly reduces talent shortage, as it allows for faster hiring, improves productivity, and enhances the overall satisfaction of both HR professionals and employees. In addition, it provides an excellent user experience.

Let's see how e-signing contributes to the digital transformation of HR processes.

Quick access to talent – anywhere, anytime

E-signing allows organizations to move the hiring process online, meaning they can reach and communicate with potential candidates regardless of geographical limitations.

This opens the door to talent on a global level, as there is no need for physical presence when signing employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other HR documents.

Flawless contract signing from all devices

With e-signing, you eliminate the time-consuming processes of printing, mailing, scanning, or faxing contractual documents.

A candidate can quickly and easily sign an employment contract electronically using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, regardless of location, allowing for faster and more flexible hiring. Above all, this method offers greater satisfaction to job candidates, as it is significantly more comfortable and user-friendly.

Improving the user experience

E-signing contributes to a more efficient hiring process and creates a positive experience for both candidates and HR teams due to its ease of use, the ability to sign quickly, and fewer bureaucratic hurdles.

Companies that offer such services are more attractive to candidates. HR consultants can use the BetrSign® e-signature service to send up to nine different documents at once for signing, giving future employees a better overview of the documentation waiting for their signature in one place. This is especially important in a competitive environment, where companies with a positive employment experience can stand out.

Data protection and legal compliance

E-signing offers speed and convenience, high security, and compliance with legislation. The e-signature service BetrSign has been designed for use in the business world, making it safe.

As HR processes involve documents with sensitive content, e-signing services must incorporate security mechanisms to ensure your documents reach the right person, such as double authentication checks (username/password and a one-time password).

The BetrSign service also allows for additional login options, such as a personal qualified digital certificate on a secure local medium or in the cloud and a new electronic personal ID card.

BetrSign takes care of security and privacy. Therefore, it adheres to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27018:2019 standards, meets the strict requirements of the eIDAS Regulation, implements acts of the European Parliament and Council of the EU, and specific ETSI standards for electronic business.

Therefore, e-signing is indispensable to any company's modern HR strategies. An advanced and reliable tool is extremely effective in the fight against the shortage of personnel, making hiring faster and more efficient.

By improving the user experience, ensuring security and compliance, and opening access to the global talent market, e-signing facilitates the hiring process in a dynamic business environment, helping companies grow and develop.

Investing in the digitalization of HR processes, especially in advanced tools like e-signing, is crucial for any organization that wants to remain competitive and thrive in the labor market.

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