Get started with BetrSign and tablet handwritten signatures

Streamline the process of signing your PDF documents with a handwritten signature using your tablet. With BetrSign, you can easily add your signature to any document and sign it electronically. Follow the simple steps below to start signing your PDFs hassle-free.

Get started with BetrSign and tablet handwritten signatures

Hey, it looks like you want to try a handwritten signature using your STU-300B LCD Signature Tablet.

Let's do it!

Step 1

First, you need a PDF document. To save you time, we've created one for you.

Click here to download: DEMO.PDF

After downloading the document, connect the STU-300B Tablet to your computer

with the USB cable, visit the BetrSign Portal, and become a BetrSign user by  registering for a free trial.

Step 2

Upload the DEMO.PDF document and provide a Job name, select the language,

and edit the name of your document (or leave all as it is) - BetrSign lets you

upload more documents, but for now, let's click Continue.

Step 3

Now click Add a handwritten signature, insert the signer's name - for now,

let's use your name - and tick the Send signed document to signer's

email option. Add your email address, then click Save and Continue.

Step 4

Your document is now open. Click and drag your name (the Handwritten signer)

and drop it onto the document: your signature will be positioned here.

Click Continue.

Step 5

You can personalize your message here, but as you are sending it to yourself,

just click Send.

Step 6

Check your email and open your document. BetrSign will inform you that you

need the BetrSign®COCKPIT to sign your document, so click Install to

download the component, launch the component and follow

the simple setup instructions.

Step 7

During the process, you'll get notified to install

the SETCCE BetrSign®COCKPIT security certificate

(don't worry, click OK and Yes on the following window - this is

a security measure, not a security issue).

Step 8

When done, click Refresh, and there's your document. By clicking

the signature mark, you'll activate the STU-300B Tablet and see

a white field on the black background: now pick up the pen that

came with your tablet and sign on the LCD screen on your tablet.

Then press the tick on the LCD screen, and your handwritten

signature appears on the document.

Step 9

You've signed your document and can close it by clicking Exit.

No big deal, right? Signing a big deal shouldn't be a big deal.

If you have any questions drop us a line at  or call +386 1 620 45 05, we're happy to help.

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