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Send unlimited number of documents for eSignature
Basic (1FA)
Advanced (2FA)
Authentication with a local qualified digital certificate
Authentication with the use of PIN
Authentication with the use of the Slovenian electronic identity card (eID)**
Signature Type
Click2Sign Signature
Capture of a handwritten signature (HTML5)
With a local Qualified Digital Certificate
With a remote Qualified Digital Certificate (in cloud)
Capturing a handwritten signature on a Wacom device
Sending one or more document for e-signing
Sending a document to any number of signees
Parallel signing workflow
Reusable document templates
Document drafts are stored
Signees data is stored
Option of customizing default email content
Automatic notification of the signee
Re-sending a document for e-signing
Review of document statuses
History of all signed documents
Customized branding ✓ €* ✓ €*
Multilingual support
Mobile device support
Adding interactive fields on the document
MS Word
Integration with information system
User login with Single-Sign On (SSO) or login token
Automatic addition of users
One signature for all documents (for handwritten signatures with Wacom signing devices)
Four-eyes principle
Management of user groups
Setting the validity period of a document
Adding a QR code
Video identification
Enterprise grade user support
Adjusted price list
Signing with the client’s qualified electronic seal stored in BetrSign cloud ✓ €*
Trusted eArchive Service
Choice of distribution channels

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Negotiating a deal is not easy but signing a deal should be. Make sure to get the best terms written on paper and BetrSign will take care of everything else. On your terms.

Authentication control

When sending your document you can also control the level of login security and authentication method for the signer to prove their identity before accessing and signing it.

Basic (1FA)

The signer can access the document and sign it by simply opening the link they received in an email.

Advanced (2FA)

The signer’s access to the document after opening the link depends on whether they have a SETCCE Electronic Identity or not. 

A local qualified digital certificate (QDS)

The signer can access the document by opening the link they received in an email and logging in with their personal digital certificate.

Default e-signature workflow in a template

Create a document template with precisely defined e-signature positions, required login methods, types of e-signature, and signers in advance to automate and standardize your document workflow.

Brand personalization

Make sure the signers know they received a document from you — include your logo, corporate colours, and your brand message.

E-signature workflow management

Managing your signers and documents and checking if they were signed, declined, or archived is easier with BetrSign®

Sending out more documents within a single job

Include up to nine documents for sending in a single job by simply dragging and dropping them from the file system.

Sending documents to more signers

Send your documents to an unlimited number of signers with different levels of logging in and signature types.

Storing job drafts

Store your drafts in the mailbox and continue editing and setting the signing workflow and signers the next time you log in.

Saving signers’ data

Save signers to your internal address book and simplify searching, selecting, and including signers for your next job.

Customizable e-mail content

Create a personalized message to invite the signer to sign the document.

Automatic signer notification

Your signers will be instantly notified and sent a link to the document that needs to be signed.

Resending a document for e-signing

The signer hasn’t responded to your request to sign your document yet? Send it again.

Viewing a document status

You can always check if your document has been signed, declined, or archived.

Signed document history

You can also check the history of e-signed documentation with your customers and partners up to 6 months in the past.


BetrSign® is an internationally recognized and trustworthy service with more than 300,000 users in 15 countries. You can access e-signing in different languages too.


The BetrSign® plug-ins allow seamless integration with your existing tools.

Advanced functionality

BetrSign® offers an additional set of advanced features so that we can tailor the service to best suit your business.

Integration interface

BetrSign® REST API will allow your developers to integrate e-signatures into your business systems in no time.

Integration with any business information system

More than 100 different business information systems are connected to the BetrSign® cloud service so you can connect your existing business solution (SAP, Dynamics, SharePoint…), document system (ECM, M-Files), CRM system (SalesForce), or any other specialized business information too. 

Single sign-on (SSO) authentication or token-based authentication

User management is made simple with a centralized log-in system or an existing user support information system (ERP, DMS, CRM, user portals, or other web support portals).

Automatic user creation

Add, delete or deactivate users through the central user management and ensure a worry-free use of the service for all authorized users.

One signature to all documents (Wacom signature screen)

Use a Wacom signing device for a unique handwriting experience and sign one or several documents at the same time.

Four eyes principle

Establish a system for fraud prevention by having documents signed and confirmed by at least two responsible persons.

Managing user groups

Create and manage different groups of signers with different privileges to ensure that the right people can access and sign the right documents.

Setting the validity period for documents

By setting the available time for the signer to sign your document you can prevent potential inconvenience and any additional work.

Adding QR codes

You can prove the authenticity of a printed copy of an electronically signed document by adding a QR code as it is signed with the same digital seal and contains all the key data about the job or signed document

Video identification

To perform the video identification the signer only needs a personal ID and a mobile device or a computer equipped with a camera. After the identification is complete, the signer can sign your document.

Enterprise SLA

We’ll agree with you on individual implementation conditions and the use of the e-signing service so you’ll get the most out of it.

Enterprise user support

To get you up and running successfully with e-signing, we’ll provide you and all your BetrSign® users with our international quality support and quick response. 

Customized pricelist

The purpose of BetrSign® is to advance your business with help of digitalization of your document workflow and we’ll assist you with the implementation of the most appropriate business model for you.

Signing with your qualified electronic time stamp

We can install your qualified electronic time stamp on the secure infrastructure (HSM) of the BetporSign® service, so your employees and your customers can use it for signing according to their authorizations.

Compliant electronic storage

If you need long-term and legally compliant document storage, you can deposit all e-signed documents in an accredited service for long-term storage, where your documents are automatically sorted according to a pre-agreed classification in line with your business needs.

Type of distribution

Once signed, your documents can immediately be forwarded to a pre-set depository or predefined email address using the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).


BetrSign® offers different login and authentication methods depending on the content, selected trust level, and login method. 

Type of signature

BetrSign® offers document signing with your and the signer’s favorite electronic signature.


The signer literally just clicks to sign your document.

With a remote qualified digital certificate

The signer can sign the document with a personal digital certificate stored in the cloud of a qualified trust service provider.

Handwritten e-signature (HTML5)

The signer can easily sign the document by capturing their handwritten signature on a mobile device.

With a local qualified digital certificate

The signer can sign the document with a personal digital certificate on a secure medium (a smart card or USB key).

Handwritten signature on a Wacom device

The signer can sign the document by capturing their handwritten signature on a Wacom signing device.

Mobile device support

BetrSign® user interface is adapted for tablets and smartphones.

MS Word

You can now assign a signing workflow and signers to your document and send it for remote e-signing within Word.

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