Technology belongs to all

In a recent episode of the Supermoč (Superpower) podcast, Aljoša Jerman Blažič, a key figure in digitalization and founder of SETCCE, shared his passion for technology and his vision of making it accessible to everyone, not just the elite.
Technology belongs to all

Aljoša's interest in technology began in childhood and has driven him to become a key player in managing digital transactions in Slovenia. He believes that innovation can enhance our quality of life and insists that technological solutions should be widely accessible. His commitment to this belief motivates him to continually improve and expand his company's reach.

A strong advocate for micromanagement and attention to detail, Aljoša acknowledges that this approach can create tension within teams but believes that details are crucial for success. He encourages thinking outside conventional boundaries which is essential for innovation and progress.

While not a fan of big brands, Aljoša draws inspiration from companies like Tesla and Apple. He admires their ability to innovatively transform existing solutions, such as Apple's revolutionizing the music industry with the iPod.

Aljoša's story highlights the importance of friendships and an open mind in achieving business success. His collaboration with a lawyer friend from childhood helped him navigate legal intricacies, leading to the creation of electronic signatures in Slovenia.

The challenge for us was to make complex technology more accessible. The key task is to educate the public to integrate digital tools into their everyday routines.

At SETCCE, Aljoša faced the challenge of simplifying complex technologies and educating the public to adopt digital tools in daily life. Despite not being the technical founder, his influence was instrumental in commercializing electronic signatures. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for digital solutions and the world's growing openness to digital innovations.

His career began at the Jožef Štefan Institute, giving him insight into the divide between academia and industry. He sees this gap as a hindrance to faster technological progress, noting that Slovenian research groups do not collaborate enough with the business sector, unlike in Germany and the U.S., where such partnerships are more common.

BetrSign emerged from the desire for a simple yet secure electronic signature. Initially focused on biometric signatures, legal constraints led the company to specialize in electronic document storage. Collaboration with the Archive of the Republic of Slovenia was crucial in providing a legal framework for electronic signatures.

SETCCE and BetrSign have set new standards in electronic signatures, aiming to make business operations faster, more agile, and sustainable. Despite the rapid advancement of digital technologies, Aljoša values the traditional significance of a signature as a personal guarantee of one's decisions. BetrSign's technology, recognized in various industries, including banking, insurance, and telecommunications, facilitates remote signing and digital document storage, enhancing business efficiency and user experience.

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